“Leaders often overlook the power of further developing their natural strengths. Achieving one’s full leadership potential requires self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, and a desire to grow.


Barb Bindgen’s approach to developing strong leaders is to focus on the specific competencies that make a difference in delivering business results and reaching personal career goals. With that combined emphasis, both the organization and the individual benefit.

After several years in the healthcare industry, Barb spent eighteen years as an HR leader at General Mills.  She was a member of a number of senior leadership teams that held responsibility for multi-billion dollar businesses.  As a result of many years inside a major corporation with responsibility for developing current and future leaders, Barb is very pragmatic in her approach to executive coaching.

While at General Mills, Barb coached numerous individuals to become more effective leaders, restructured large organizations to better support the business objectives, and provided technical HR expertise.  As the “Day One” HR director for the multi-billion dollar acquisition of The Pillsbury Company, Barb led a number of initiatives that resulted in the successful and smooth integration of 30,000 employees.  During her tenure at General Mills, Barb was also an Organization Effectiveness Director, where she significantly advanced the capability of the organization to develop leaders. In that role, she created and managed the executive coaching process; designed and implemented a 360 feedback tool for leaders; designed and managed leadership development programs; strengthened the succession planning process; managed retention of key corporate talent; and led the executive coaching initiatives for the Twin Cities, MN Executive Development & Coaching Network.

Barb has provided executive coaching services to numerous leaders across various industries, including consumer products, health insurance, medical technology, and academia.  She combines a creative approach with a logical, business focus in her coaching work.

Barb earned a Psy.D. degree in clinical psychology and is a licensed psychologist in the State of Minnesota. She completed a master’s degree in industrial relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied business, human resources, law, and economics.  Her combined work experience and educational background enable Barb to integrate business knowledge with a deep understanding of human behavior when coaching leaders to maximize their executive growth.

Barb resides in Minnesota with her family.