Question – What is Executive Coaching?

Answer – Executive coaching is a personal and customized approach to mastering skills as a leader. By identifying the skills that you would like to develop, you begin your journey of leadership growth.

Coaching is about looking at both sides. It is about dealing constructively with the areas that need to be improved. It is also about discovering and leveraging your undeniable strengths.

Establishing your current zone of leadership performance will guide you toward new levels of performance. Your coach is skilled in teaching techniques that will optimize your learning and help you achieve your goals.

The primary focus of executive coaching is helping you break through to higher levels of leadership performance.

Question – How can coaching help me?

Answer - Executive coaching provides you with an external and objective perspective. This perspective will allow you to see different aspects of yourself as a leader. Your coach is not influenced by internal relationships or organizational factors, and is truly committed to your continued success.

Coaching also provides the structured discipline to help you meet your development goals as a leader. Regular meetings with your coach build accountability into the process, helping you turn your good intentions into actions.

Leaders need honest feedback to improve their performance. Employees and colleagues understandably may temper comments about a manager's effectiveness. Coaches have the responsibility and insight to make candid observations leaders need to achieve their strategic learning goals.

Question – Why choose Centera?

Answer - Centera brings a pragmatic approach to your personal and professional development. If you want to improve your leadership performance or prepare for a future leadership role, Centera will help you develop the necessary skills while you are working in your current role.

Centera provides leadership assessment, professional development, and coaching sessions. We directly link leadership development with the specific demands of your organization's goals and values. We provide on-the-job support for your success.

Centera involves key stakeholders in tailoring our program to meet your individual needs, including setting objectives, providing performance input, finalizing a coaching and development plan, and measuring the effectiveness of the coaching program.

Centera coaches have held top leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies, bringing unique wisdom and a leader-to-leader caliber of coaching. Our insights are well grounded in our own experience of corporate life and expectations for exceeding aggressive performance objectives.

Centera's core competency is coaching, and we never vary from our mission. We understand the unique challenges of coaching at all levels of an organization, and we can provide strategic support on a system-wide basis. Coaching is the only field in which we specialize.

Question – What’s involved in Centera’s Executive
Coaching Program™?

Answer - Our flagship program and the cornerstone of our work is our Executive Coaching Program™. It offers a comprehensive approach to individual leader development. We utilize a consistent series of related steps to support the development process. Initially, we conduct a meeting with key stakeholders to clarify the objectives and the scope of our work for the coaching engagement. We will also review matters of confidentiality. Key stakeholders can include individuals committed to the leader’s success including their supervisor, Board Members, clients or key vendors.

An executive assessment is the first phase of the self-discovery process. This step usually entails completion of personal inventories, profile indexes, an interview with a licensed psychologist, a two-hour personal feedback session, and a comprehensive written report based on the assessment outcomes.

To help identify the leader’s strengths and areas for growth, we interview individuals who have significant interaction with the leader. The people interviewed may include the leader’s supervisor, board members, division head, peers, subordinates, vendors and/or internal customers. We categorize this organizational feedback into key themes of leadership strengths and areas for development.

We then integrate the executive assessment and organizational feedback to provide insight for the development priorities and make suggestions to be incorporate into the development agenda. A development plan is prepared to present to key stakeholders for input and then finalized to guide the coaching sessions.

One-to-one coaching sessions are conducted to achieve the development plan objectives. The typical duration of the coaching program is one year. However, shorter or longer-term coaching programs may be tailored to meet the unique needs of the leader or organization. At the end of the engagement, a debriefing meeting is conducted to review progress against the established stakeholder objectives and determine next steps, if any.